In addition to corporate worship and other whole group times, there are ministries geared specifically toward adults. At various times throughout the year there are small groups, some of which are reminiscent of Sunday School classes, while others are more relational or topical in nature. Wednesdays at 6:30PM there is a women's group, which also cares for the infants.

Beyond settings aroud the Word, there are social events in homes or at the facility; occasional sporting events; annual special events where we eat together; and much more.

Faith Community Church
Baptisms 2011

This video is an example of our commitment to help people become more fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Most every year we conduct a baptismal service in the early fall for those who want to follow the Lord in this step of faith and obedience.

Faith Community Church
Thanksgiving Eve Candlelight Testimonies

Every year we hold a candlelight service on Thanksgiving Eve. The evening is filled with people sharing testimonies of how God has been faithful to them and is one of the most inspirational events we hold.